Kura is your all-digital
cross-border payment solution

Our Values

Our mission is to revolutionize the remittance landscape, focusing on transparency, direct access to essential goods & services, and safety

Impact focused

Socially responsible

Community conscious

We are here to assist you and your relatives easier than ever before

How It Works

Supported by leading global institutions and accelerators

Kura is your trusted cross-border payment platform.

Trust and transparency in all transactions

Financial health for who we serve

Great customer experience

Digital and financial inclusion

We provide immigrant & overseas workers with sustainable sponsorship solutions.

By partnering with local businesses, we enable their loved ones to access essential goods and services 24/7, whithout the need to withdraw cash or to even have a bank account

Transparent & Streamlined
Cross-Border Payment

Join the Kura network to help us transition towards sustained and efficient support of relatives at home

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